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History: This Craftsman Bungalow was built in 1906-1910 by Oscar Mindrup. Its most famous occupant was Hollywood legend Ginger Rogers. 

Ginger was born in this home on July 16, 1911. 

Lela Rogers: Lela Owens-Rogers worked nearby as a stenographer. She then became a newspaper writer for the theater, and later, a scriptwriter for Vaudeville, and a Hollywood screenwriter and producer. Lela was an amazing woman, as she also served as Ginger Rogers manager and agent. 

Ginger Rogers was an extremely talented actor, singer, and dancer. She made 73 films, and starred in 10 with Fred Astaire. Rogers was also a talented artist and tennis player. She owned a ranch in Oregon, and raised dairy cattle. 

The Owens-Rogers Museum is dedicated to both of these amazing women. 

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Celebrate Ginger Rogers birthday in July and August at the museum

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