Contributors to the Museum Project

Thank you to the following persons who contributed to the project. We really appreciate your help! 

Friends of the Museum

Donna Soetaert

Sherry Moore
​Tamie Dorsch

Gloria Fetter

Jamyi Thompson

Frank Kithcart

Terri Padgitt

Richard Soetaert

Alice Brink

Phillip Thomas

Cynthia Thomas

Marie Duerksen

Alex Rescher

Mike Thompson

Lowell Crow

Jennifer Krigbaum

Heather Forbush

Megan Robinson


​Vivian G. Miner

(museum items)

Maria McKenzie

(museum items)

Tamie Dorsch

(Museum Items)

Independence Young Matrons (Tiny houses)

Gloria Rendon

(Hat and other museum items)


Christine McDonald

(Cash and a gown Ginger wore)

​Joanne Carlson

(Ginger Rogers shoes, a letter, & more)

Pat Delap

(Silent auction donations)


Helen Padgitt

HearthMasters, Inc. crew

Gene Padgitt

(General Contractor -Most of the work on the house)

Roberta Olden

​(Items owned by Ginger Rogers-gowns, prints, shoes, and more)