About Us and the Project

The Acquisition


Three Trails Cottages, LLC purchased this home in order to save it for is historical value not only as an example of a working class Craftsman style bungalow, but its significance as the birthplace of Ginger Rogers. Independence residents love the fact that Ginger Rogers called this city her hometown, but until now, no one other than people who lived in the house had the opportunity to see it. As a big Ginger Rogers fan, Marge Padgitt, owner of Three Trails Cottages, LLC took the opportunity to purchase the house in February of 2016.  

The Restoration


The restoration effort was completed by HearthMasters, Inc. their crews, and subcontractors. All of the wiring was replaced, much of the plumbing replaced,  floor joists removed and replaced, the entire stone foundation was repaired, and one window was moved to a different location. 

We were able to copy the shape of the chimney from a 1942 magazine article photo in order to rebuild it as it was originally. 

The color of the house was changed to its original heritage white. 

See a Video of the project

Finish Work


 Gene Padgitt, VP of HearthMasters, Inc. is the general contractor, and completed most of the work on the house himself. Gene is an historic preservationist. 

Gene wanted to preserve as much of the original home as possible, and kept all of the plaster, woodwork, doors, windows, and even the original cast iron tub and corner sink in the bathroom. 

There was no kitchen to speak of, so it was recreated. 

We think he did a wonderful job, and we hope you do, too! 

The House


 This 1906 Craftsman Style Bungalow was built by Oscar Mindrup. Oscar was a banker and real estate developer. He built the first three houses on this block at the same time. We know this because the house next door is listed as one of his houses, and all three houses are connected to the same water supply line. 

The house is considered to be a working class bungalow with unique features, which include the woodwork, porch, and columns. Audrey Elder did extensive research on this property and her work will be included in a new book written by Marge Padgitt about the Museum in the near future.  

Landscaping Project


 Our project to renovate Ginger Rogers' birth home interior and open it as a tourist attraction was completed in August of 2018. However, the exterior fencing and landscaping will only be completed once we raise enough money for this portion. 

The landscaping plan, which consists of all heritage plants and flowers that would have been planted in the 1910's era has been completed by landscape architect Richard Clayton Barrett. 

Please watch this website and our social media accounts for news and updates. 



 Fans may contribute memorabilia or monetary gifts to the project through the Local History Preservation Society, which is a not-for-profit organization. 

Contributions are tax deductible.  In appreciation of your contribution, your name will be posted on the property is some form which may include: a brick, name plate, or display on a framed list of contributors.  

Send an email to owensrogersmuseum@gmail.com for more information.