paranormal investigations at the owens-rogers house

Owens-Rogers House

Paranormal Investigations at the Owens-Rogers House

Ever since we first stepped foot in the house paranormal activity started to occur. At first, saws would quit working, lights went off and on by themselves, and even doors would move on their own. Then things got interesting. While standing in the small bedroom where Ginger Rogers was born, the owner, Marge Padgitt, saw a foggy mist take shape until it was formed into a full apparition of a woman in a long dress. A week later, Marge went to the house in the evening and saw the apparition of a woman standing on the porch next to the left pillar. She thought it looked like Ginger Rogers. 

A couple of weeks later, Marge got a call from Stephanie Turbeville from KC Paranormal. Stephanie had the urge to stop by the house at 3:00 a.m. one morning after completing an investigation nearby. On the porch she saw an apparition of Ginger Rogers standing near the left pillar. There is no way that Stephanie could have known that Marge had seen the exact same thing!  Marge invited KC Paranormal to investigate the house, and they were able to capture evidence on film. Some of what they captured is now on You Tube. Why would Ginger Rogers and her mother visit this place long after their deaths? Likely because they were attached to the house ever since Ginger was born here, and they visited several times during their lifetimes. 

Other paranormal teams have visited the home and have been able to get much evidence of paranormal activity through cameras, night vision cameras, EMF meters, audio recorders, REM pods, and other devices, as well as with the naked eye. 

It seems that there are several spirits that occupy the space, including some who may have been there long before 1911. Prior to 1906 the land was owned by William Chrisman, who had a 160 acre plantation on this site dating from before the Civil War. Obviously, conditions were not ideal for the slaves working the land here, and some residual energy may be left behind. 

We are now open for professional paranormal teams to investigate the house overnight. Please fill out the application/reservation form below if you would like to schedule a one or two-night stay. 

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