Press Release


New Museum Project


August 26, 2019

Museum Director Marge Padgitt said that the Owens-Rogers Museum has acquired too many items to display in the small 800 square foot home, and that a larger facility is needed. 

The Local History Preservation Society has plans to purchase a large building in order to house a new museum dedicated to the history of the Jackson County area and to celebrities who lived here such as Lela and Ginger Rogers, Walt Disney, Jean Harlow, William Powell, Satchel Page, Jesse and Frank James, and others. 

The LHPS is currently looking for Donations: 

- A building for the museum with adequate parking

The building should be located somewhere in Jackson County

- Memorabilia, magazines, posters, photos, books

- Information about local celebrities

- Cash donations

- Houses onced owned or lived in by celebrities

We are looking for other houses once lived in by celebrities. The LHPS will restore the house as needed and transform it into a museum for the public to enjoy. Moving the house may be required. 

Contact museum director Marge Padgitt at 816-833-1602 or email for more information. 

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